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Llamadas telefónicas baratas a Finland

Llamar a Finland

Prefijo Finland Código de área 358

Llamadas baratas internacionales a Finland . Prefijo Finland : 358

Llamar a Finland
Llamar a Finland
From Landline, Mobile or VoIP ...
Without Setup Fees, Without Monthly Fees,
Without Cards ...
Without Call Stablishment Fees...
Without to Move Operator ...
Without Lies ...
Easy to Use ...
From any Number ...
From any Phone ...
Dial 955170000 ...
Press 00 and
Number to Call ...
Talk !!
Try it
Dial 955170000 and Talk!
Try it now totally free and without commitment.
How much costs to call this number ...?
Call to Finland
Llamar a Finland Cellular-Elisa desde España. Prefijo de Finland Cellular-Elisa Finland Cellular-Elisa
Population:5452821 , Area:338145 SqKm, Prefijo telefónico: 358 Abonados:Fijos 638800, Moviles:7602600
From 0.025752 €/min
Includes Taxes
We are UNE-EN ISO 9001 Certified, quality management system and so the best service to our Clients.

Call to Finland from landline, mobile or voIP

For cheap calls to Finland dial our access number 955170000 from your land or cell phone and then dial 00 + Finland prefix + number you want to speeak to.


Call to Finland. Prefijo:358
The cost for your calls to is always billed per seconds. Your funds never expires and you can call to landlines and mobile phones.
Remember you cal also use your account to call using VoIP
Your calls to destinatino will show your CLI ( Caller Line Identification ) in a way the called party will know who is calling.
If you frequently dial the same destination international number calling to Finland you can use our free service for direct forwarding, and we will assing you a geographic number that directly will connect to the destination phone.

If you call from Spain to Finland dial 955170000 + 00 + 358 + number of Finland you want to talk to.
Ir you like to press less numbers in your phone keypad ask us for geographic short numbers for Direct Access and your call to the assigned number will connect you to your destination called party.

Calls to Finland from your landline or mobile
Dial 955170000 + 00 + 358 + Finland number

How to call to Finland using Direct Access
Just dial the assigned direct number for you for your prefered destinations

How to call using VoIP
Ask us for your login and password credentials.
Configure your credential in your SIP phone ( you can use any hardware SIP phone like Lynksys SPA-2100, SPA-3000, etc as well as Lynksys series 6 y 9000, Grandstream, Polycom, etc )
Also you can use SIP on softphones like Ekiga, SIPDROID, SIPHON, Zoiper or Viber on your cell phone.
On the GATEWAY or SIP server enter SIP.ZONNOX.COM to register with us.
You can optionally dial 00, or you can directly dial the prefix + number of Finland
Here is some recommendations about mobile apps you can use for free Apps VoIP for mobile

Zonas de tarifas telefónicas de Finland

* Tarificación por segundos. Precios en Euros. IVA incluido
Llamadas a FINLAND
Precio/Rate IVA inc.
Finland Movil Celular Elisa
0.0257527 €
Finland Movil Celular Sonera
0.0257527 €
Finland Movil Celular Elisa
0.0257527 €
Finland Movil Celular Elisa
0.0257527 €
Finland Movil Celular Elisa
0.0257527 €
Finland Movil Celular Elisa
0.0257527 €
Finland Movil Celular Elisa
0.0257527 €
Finland Movil Celular
0.0257527 €
Finland Movil Celular Sonera
0.0257527 €
Finland Helsinki
0.0526887 €
0.0526887 €
Finland Helsinki
0.0526887 €

Principales ciudades de FINLAND :
Helsinki ,Espoo ,Tampere ,Vantaa ,Turku ,Oulu ,Lahti ,Kuopio ,JyvIskylI ,Pori ,Lappeenranta ,Vaasa ,Kotka ,Joensuu ,HImeenlinna ,Porvoo ,Mikkeli ,Hyvinge ,JIrvenpII ,NurmijIrvi ,Rauma ,Lohja ,Kokkola ,Kajaani ,Rovaniemi ,Tuusula ,Kirkkonummi ,SeinIjoki ,Kerava ,Kouvola .
Edif. Forum 5-15, Luis de Morales 32. 41018 Seville - Phone: +34 955170000 - Email: noc.com